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Infant Academy


Children who attend Skylarks Nursery should attend nursery in full Academy uniform. This gives children a sense of belonging and helps them to understand the importance of wearing their uniform when they start 'big school' in reception.

Uniform can be purchased from Nationwide School Uniforms, based in Spilsby. Alternatively, it can be ordered online via their website:

School Uniform list:


Purple Academy sweatshirt

White polo shirt

Grey trousers (grey shorts in summer)

Sensible black shoes

Grey socks


Purple Academy sweatshirt or cardigan

White polo shirt

Grey trousers/grey skirt/grey pinafore dress (purple checked summer dress in summer)

Grey tights (white socks in summer)

Please ensure that your child comes to nursery dressed appropriately for the weather, e.g. sun hat for the summer or a warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves for the winter.