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Infant Academy

Supporting Your Child

The Skegness Infant Academy will play a leading role in energising the local area it serves and in helping to raise the aspirations of pupils and the wider community.

We believe in the power of learning through extracurricular activities that contribute to, enrich and extend the Academy curriculum.

We will provide support sessions to reinforce, broaden and deepen class-room learning.

We will supplement these with a range of out-of-school activities where possible that incorporate traditional, cultural, new and challenging activities. These imaginative sessions will be fun, help pupils gain new skills and promote independence. They might include sessions on, for example, making science fun, sharing books and chess as well as the usual sports and arts activities for pupils of all ages.We are always looking into how we can broaden the range of extra curricular activities for children.

In sport, we will strike a balance between encouraging participation by all pupils in a range of sporting activities and developing an understanding of a healthy life style and the impact of this on future well-being.

We will also help our pupils to discover the exciting world on their doorstep and beyond. All pupils will have the opportunity to visit a wealth of sites of historical, cultural, artistic or geographical interest.