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Infant Academy

Skills for Life and Careers

Skills Builder

At Skegness Infant Academy we have incorporated the Skills Builder Universal Framework within our curriculum to support our pupil’s 8 essential skills development. We have made closer links with developing Oracy skills in English and Communication skills to enable our pupils from an early start to develop these transferable skills which will help them later in life in the world of work and employment.

Skills builder – Termly Overview of focus skills.

Each term children focus on one or more elements of the Skills Builder program. Each class conducts a baseline assessment which allows teachers to build on children's prior understanding of the strand.  

Careers and Aspirations

Skegness Infant Academy is also part of a new £2.6 million programme – Start Small Dream Big - targeting 2,250 primary schools and 600,000 pupils nationwide.

We encourage children to dream big about their future careers and gain an understanding of the type of jobs available. We work in collaboration with The Careers and Enterprise Company, which is backed by investment from the DfE. 

The programme brings learning alive by linking lessons to careers. It also provides opportunities for our children to meet inspiring employers, so they can explore different jobs and understand the skills they’ll need for the future.

Through this work, we collaborate with primary schools in our local area and provide teachers with training delivered by Teach First– to support our teachers to develop and deliver careers programmes.

Growth Mindset

Here at Skegness Infant Academy we are a firm believer in a positive, growth mindset and as such we change our words to change our minds in order to achieve our learning outcomes:

  • I can’t do it- I’m on the right track!
  • I made a mistake- Mistakes help me learn.
  • It’s good enough- Is this my best work?
  • I give up- Let me try another way.
  • I’m a natural- I improve with practice.
  • This is too hard- This may take some effort.
  • I’m not good at this- I’m just getting started.