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Infant Academy

Road Safety

As it is for us as a school, a child's safety will always be a top priority for any parent or carer. Keeping children safe near roads is vital. 

Throughout the year Skegness Infant Academy regularly complete lessons, events and activities that teach children key road safety messages (Eg National Road Safety Week, Walk to School Week). 

Brake (Road Safety Charity) provide some top tips for keeping children safe near roads...

  • Children under 8 should always hold a grown up's hand when walking near roads
  • Children under 8 should always cross roads with a grown up, at a safe crossing place
  • Until they are 150cm tall, all children should sit in a correctly sized and fitted child seat when travelling by car
  • Children under 10 should not cycle on roads, they should keep to cycle paths away from motorised traffic
  • Children should always wear a helmet when cycling to protect their head if they fall off

The Department of Transport have created the 'Think' website where you can find information, videos and ideas for supporting road safety education. Use the link below to explore the website. 

THINK website

Please see below for the most recent up-to-date interactive newsletter about road safety provided by:

The Road Safety Education Team

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

01522 805800


May Newsletter for Parents