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Infant Academy

Celebration Assemblies

Listed below are some of the ways children can earn their rewards-

  • Marvellous Mathematician certificates can be earned for any aspect of maths, for example your child showing exceptional enthusiasm and having a great attitude to their learning in this area.
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold certificates are awarded for great things happening in the classroom! Once these are all earned, your child will go onto the new Platinum certificates and receive an award to keep. These are the hardest to earn!
  • Reading and Writing Awards can be earned by showing determination and effort in these aspects in school or at home.  
  • Proud Cloud Awards are given those that have done something that has made the Academy proud of them,  For example making the right decisions at playtime, trying hard to learn a particular skill, etc.
  • RICHER awards can be earned by children by being a good role model for others and demonstrating our School Values in their actions, behaviour and attitude.  (for further information on our Academy Values see use the following link SIA School Values
  • If a child reads their school book four times a week at home (and their reading record is signed each day) then on a Friday they will be able to wear a Reading Royalty Crown all day!

There are also other rewards on offer!