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Infant Academy

Afterschool Clubs

We offer an array of different afterschool clubs for pupils.

Club information:

If you put your child’s name down for a club, we ask that children commit to coming each week. Teachers often need to prepare resources for clubs that they are providing  during their own time and at no cost to you. If your child  decides that they don't want to come for 1 week then their place will be given to another child as we often have waiting lists. If you need any further information about what is happening at each club, please see the individual staff members who is running the club. They are more than willing to explain any activities further.

Important Club Reminders

Clubs finish at the end of each term.

An email/Xpressions message regarding clubs for the following term are sent out usually near the end of the current term.

You have to reapply for a club on a termly basis—your child’s name does not stay on the list.

If you do not receive a confirmation message about a club your child has applied for, this means that they have not secured a place on this occasion.