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Meet the Year 1 team!

      Mrs Pilcher -Year 1 Leader, SENCO

 Mrs Bell, SMSC Leader

 Mrs Green, Science Leader

 Mrs Maycock, Year 1 teacher

Our Year 1 Teaching Assistants

Our  Teaching Assistants


Term 6

We made cakes for the party.

Our crowns are ready for the celebration.

All dressed ready for a Royal Celebration.

Term 5

In Science we sorted animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Term 4
Cutting shapes into quarters.

Cutting shapes into quarters.

Maths games on World Maths

Maths games on World Maths

We dressed up for World  Book

We dressed up for World Book

Term 3

Making 10!

WE can use cubes to help us.

Holly was a super narrator in our Nativity.

Term 3

Making calendar showing a tree for each season

Mason chose a tree to adopt.

Paris shows how to use her phonics

Term 2

Ordering numbers

We enjoyed the drama session.

In class 7 we have enjoyed retelling familiar stories through drama.

Term 2

decorating our diva lamps.

We made Christingles and talked about their meaning.

On the 1st of December we all helped decorate the Christmas tree.

Term 2

In class 6 we made and decorated diva lamps to celebrate Diwali.

A conker husk was found on our visit to Tower Gardens.

Enjoying exploring signs of Autumn.

Term 2

Thank you TESCOs for the Pumpkins.

We had to design the scariest pumpkin face.

The three of us won the competition.

I have been finding out about my sense of touch.

We have been painting vegetables for Harvest.

Making 2d shapes using string and straws.

Term 1

I like to write.

Shapes can be used to make pictures.

Our Visit to St. Matthew's Church.








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