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Infant Academy


We all want to keep our children safe.

Parking before and after school is a time when thought and care is needed to ensure that no one is injured.

Keeping safe is everyone’s responsibility.

Skegness Police Force are supporting us along with, The Highway’s Agency.

Together we want to keep everyone safe from harm.

LINCOLNSHIRE POLICE                       

Skegness Police Station
Park Avenue

Telephone: 101

Dear Parent / Guardian

I write to you to ask for your assistance and understanding regarding the long running issue of inappropriate parking outside of schools during the picking up / dropping off times of the day. It has become apparent that no matter the danger that this type of parking is putting your children in a number of parents / guardians still park with disregard for the safety measures which are in place.

I have looked into this issue and wanted to ensure that you are all aware that parking in a dangerous position is an offence which carries a fixed penalty of a £100 fine and an endorsement of three penalty points on the drivers licence.

I genuinely hope that it does not become necessary to issue any fixed penalty notices and that everybody will park in a safe and considerate manner however I will be monitoring this situation to ensure that safety is maintained for your children.

There is ample provision to allow safe parking which would mean a short walk to the Academy. On the other hand, if you live very close to the Academy and it is at all possible, then it may be worth considering walking or cycling to school.

If you have any questions regarding this letter then please contact me on using the details below.


PCSO 2228 Scott
Telephone (Non Emergency Number): 101

Policing with PRIDE Professionalism Respect Integrity Dedication Empathy