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*Meet our Staff *

 The Staff at Skegness Infant Academy

 Mrs Pryme, Principal

Teachers and Learning Support

 Mrs Lewis Bettison, Year 2 Leader

 Miss Shephard, English subject Leader, Year 2 teacher

 Miss Stead, EAL Leader and Year 2 teacher

 Mrs Pilcher, Year 1 Leader, SENCO

 Mrs Bell, Year 1 teacher, SMSC leader

 Mrs Green, Year 1 teacher,  Science Leader

 Mrs Maycock, year 1 teacher

 Mrs Reeve, EYFS leader,

 Mrs Mitchell, Reception Teacher, Computing Leader

 Mrs Paulson, Reception teacher

 Mrs Hampton, Reception teacher, PE leader

 Mrs Walker, Nursery Leader

 Mrs Oliver, part time cover teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Stimson      Mrs                         Mrs                        Mrs Jayes           Mrs Cram
                           Chamberlain          Buckley

Mrs                          Mrs                  Miss                       Miss Fox           Mrs Hall
Barker                     Brookes          Dixon

Mrs                       Miss                    Miss Kelk               Mrs                         Miss Pierce
Thompson           Houghton                                        Fields- Coote
  Mrs Ellis

Office Staff

Mrs                                            Mrs Dixon

Site Staff and MDSAs

Mr Atkin                            Miss Lee                          Mrs Norris               Mrs Bradley


Mrs O’Connor               Miss Smith                     Mrs Howitt
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