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Term 5

Three princesses finding out about the Queen.

Term 5

Investigating. Are there any bugs?

Can we find any worms?

Our Royal biscuits went down a treat!

Term 5

Time to plant our seeds.

I planted my sunflower.

Looking at different habitats and spotting bugs.

Term 4

Meeting a snake at Tattershall farm park

Making paper boats for Sport relief


Looking for signs of spring walk. We found lovely daffodils.

Sports Relief Fun Class 1

We found some crocus flowers on our spring walk.

Term 4

We met the donkey on our farm visit.

The straw barn was fun.

We did not expect to hold a snake at Tattershall Park Farm!

Term 3

Ben Parkins made a toy for the Gruffalo's child

Lucas using his phonic skills to spell.

Samaya sharing the story Pumpkin soup.

Term 3
We enjoy reading in reception.


We learnt about repeating patterns in maths.

We made Jack's Beanstalk at home for our Home Challenge.

Term 2

Working together to make a model

Squiggling to write mmmmmmmmmm!

Term 2

Peeling potatoes for pumpkin soup.

My pumpkin face!

Making natural collages

Term 2

'M' mmm tasty bread!

Making a wide shape in PE

Crushing the corn to make flour

Term 2

Writing numbers

Class 1 PE We are learning to get out the equipment and put it back again.

'd' for diver following a visit from The Aquarium staff who showed us the diving suit that divers use at the Aquarium to feed the fish

Term 1

I like to write.

Would you like to see our menu?

Counting out the correct number of buttons

Term 1

ssss for snake!

We must remember to blow!

Blowing bubbles and painting with bubbles. Great fun!


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