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15 /16 Offer

Skegness Infant Academy has received £8,825 to improve teaching and learning in PE within our Academy.
During 2015/16 we have spent £4,500 on the Skegness Academy sport Premium offer.

Skegness Academy has provided a package which allowed us to meet most of the Ofsted criteria. The package includes:

  • High quality PE coaching for 1 afternoon a week.All year groups within our Academy will have the opportunity to learn new skills from qualified sports coaches. Class teachers will attend all PE sessions as the main purpose of the coaching is to act as a CPD vehicle to up skill Primary staff.
  • 1 day bespoke training
    Our support staff will spend a day training how to support children within PE lessons in our academy to encourage children to meet their full potential within this part of the curriculum.
  • Young Leaders training Year 2 children will take part in young leader training at Skegness Academy. Staff from Skegness Academy will work with the selected children to train them to become ambassadors for sport in our school.
  • Dance festival
    This is aimed specially at year 1 and 2. It will be delivered by specialist dance staff. This will also acted as a CPD opportunity for staff.

Skegness Infant Academy will also spend:

  • £1612.80 on swimming lessons for all of our Year 2 children. All year 2 children will have swimming lessons at the Embassy swimming pool for a full term paid for using the sports premium.
  • £35.99 on the ‘safe practice in PE and sport’ book to ensure that we have fully up to date guidelines on how to keep our pupils safe within a PE lesson.
  • £1000 on supply cover to enable our staff to attend training courses to ensure that our staff feel fully confident in teaching all areas of the PE curriculum.
  • We will spend a further £2000 on improving the health and fitness of a percentage of our families by providing families with diet and fitness workshops and providing fitness after school clubs. Children within our academy will also take part in a pre-Olympics fitness week where children will have the chance to take part in fitness workshops with health and fitness professionals. Throughout the week we will have specialist fitness instructors working with our children.


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